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There's a reason that The Heat is a best seller. It's not because it's the newest and latest to the four strand technology perfected by Classic Ropes. It's not because it's made for the new generation of ropers. It's not even because of the awesome price that follows the Ropes For Less guarantee.

No, it's because The Heat delivers, time and time again. It provides a loop that is full of body. No matter how you're using it, you can trust that the tip will stay ahead of the swing for a more controlled, and confident, delivery. But even with this full body, The Heat remains lightweight and is built for punishment. It maintains its original, snappy feel, run after run, making it our customers' favorite.

Please do note that The Heat, along with all Classic Ropes, is made slightly twisted to the left, because it likes to pull right. While this hasn't been a problem for most customers, it does come from the factory this way, and is something to be aware of.

The question is, can you take THE HEAT?

  • STRAND: 4-strand
  • LENGTH: 30'
  • MATERIAL: Nylon/Poly blend
  • DIAMETER: Ultra Light

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