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Christmas Gifts for a Country Girl!

Posted on December 11 2018

Country cowgirls are awesome but they are tough to buy for, we know. If they want something they go out and get it. So finding something they will like and use is a challenge. Christmas isn’t about what you get but it’s nice to get something you want every once in a while.

Here we go! 12 Christmas Gifts for the Country Girl!

  1. Ariat Cruisers

 Ariat Womens Cruisers

These are great if you can find out her size and which ones she already has! These are a sure thing she will love them.

Available here -

  1. Customised Sunbody Straw Hat


Unique and thoughtful gift that will be sure to make her smile. Over 90 ribbons to choose from.  You pick the ribbon and we sew it on for you!

Available here -

  1. Hat Saver

 Hat Saver

Hats get beat up and bashed around in the car. Get her one of these hat savers to protect her favourite hat from having to be reshaped 100 times in its lifetime!

Available here -

  1. Cowhide Rug


A stunning Cowhide Rug for her house! You simply can’t go wrong with one of these! They go with EVERYTHING!

Available here -

  1. Stock Whip


This is practical yet thoughtful gift idea. If you spend a little extra $$ you can get a really great quality one. This is not a gift you want to skimp on.

Available here -

  1. Custom Gear Bag


Available in a bunch of different prints and colours. There will be one that matches her personality.  You choose the fabric and we custom make them right here!  For inquiries contact Horse Torque at 46228008 or at

  1. New Saddlery


She will love you a whole bunch if you surprise her with this one!

Available here -

  1. Cowhide Wallet


These are stunning and have plenty of room for cards and all the stuff we manage to shove in there.

Available here –

  1. Gidgee Eye Sunglasses


These are a total winner! They are perfect for riding and working and pretty much everything else!

Available here –

  1. A Beautiful Piece of Jewellery


A beautiful handmade necklace and pendant would make a lovely gift for a fancy cowgirl!

Available here -

 11. New Boots!

Now this is a present! No matter what kind of girl she is, she likes shoes! You really can't go wrong with a new pair of boots!

Available here -

12. Gift Card

Ok if you are really stuck or have run out of time. This is your safest bet. 

Available here -


We hope this helped you find a gift for the cowgirl in your life! If you liked it please leave a comment below! 

Love, Tabitha

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    So helpful! Thank you!

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