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Ceramic Sheep - Set of Two


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They are tiny - the pair of them seem to be pretty much on the lookout for their flock - their perked up faces as if looking out for the shepherds across the grassland - here is a wonderfully created pair of ceramic made sheep that will adorn your showcase, or your nativity scene when that time of the year arrives or simply add them to your décor that wishes to wear a lovely cottage and rural kind of charm.
Sometimes it is in the smallest kind of accents where the difference in the ambience can be made. Here is a pair of two tiny little sheep who have bene crafted with an eye on detail. Merely 11 cm in length each - they have smooth ceramic made bodies that wear the mark of perfectly craftsmanship - great glaze that speaks a lot aboiut the expertise that has created this. They will look especially stunning when placed in nativity scenes or in settings that hint on cottage and rural charm or even shabby chic décor. Comes in s et of two with both sheep wearing distinctly different expression and postured differently too. The creamy whiteness of their body - the furry round heads and the little legs and ears will instantly create that adorable spot of interest to your space. make an impression as much with its smooth shape as with its perfectly crafted little detailing.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: L:11x6x9.5 / S:9x5x8.5cm

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