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Classic Equine MagNIX Knee Wrap


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MagNTX Magnetic Therapy Knee Wraps are constructed of a soft coated micromesh material for adequate airflow.  Each 1 1/2" bi-polar magnet is strategically placed for optimal effectiveness; has hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit.  Recommended for use a minimum of 30 minutes and no more than 12 hours at one time. MagNTX magnets possess both north and south pole fields that run in horizontal planes.  The north pole helps to expand the blood vessels and increase blood flow, while the south pole promotes the removal of toxins out and away from the surrounding tissues.

Classic Equine Equip., Inc, is located among the rolling hills and horse farms of Southern Missouri. Classic Equine was founded in 1991 on their love for horses and a commitment to their ultimate care and safety. Their mission is to provide quality stall systems, barn components, exercisers and accessories to meet the needs of discriminating horse owners.

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