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Equine Super Goo- Extra Strength Fly and Insect Repellent 500ml


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Equine Super Goo- Extra Strength Fly and Insect Repellent


Equine Super Goo's 500ml pot of extra strength insect repellent with no pesticides and a special formula of essential oils your horse will be instantly relaxed and calm.It should keep flies from biting for approximately 5-7 hours depending on conditions and is safe to use on their faces.

Will not irritate small cuts and abrasions and relieves itching.

Testimonials for this product include,


“The BEST fly repellent I’ve ever used! My welsh pony was getting attacked and had just given up trying to get rid of them, one application and they where gone for hours!Thankyou so much.” P Slater

“Hi Elizabeth, The Extra Strength Insect Repellent Super Goo arrived today. Absolutely fantastic product. I have 5 very happy horses now. They went from stomping, tail swishing and agitated, to calm, relaxed and contented. It is so easy to apply too as they are not bothered by it. They actually seemed to quite enjoy the process. Thank you so much." J Smith"

“OMG peoples, this stuff is bloody amazing! We use it all the time now and NO flies. They hate it the smell it is quite strong but does not bother the horses. We had it on at a show this weekend and a lady enquired how come our horse did not seem bothered by the flies? This is the magic stuff! About to order more. Has lasted approximately 5 weeks but the flies are very bad as many of us are aware.” Polly

Ingredients : aloe vera gel, and a formula of 100% therapeutic pure essential oils that repel insects in an aqueous cream base.

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