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Leather Tongue Tie


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 An effective tongue tie with buckle fastening.
• What is a Tongue Tie?:
A tongue-tie is a piece of nylon or leather which is looped around a horse's tongue and then tied to the lower jaw in order to hold the tongue in place. It is used mainly in the Racing Industry
• There are two main reasons for a tongue-tie:
Firstly to prevent a horse from getting the tongue over the bit. When a horse gets the tongue over the bit it reduces the control of the rider and also puts the tongue into an awkward position, resulting often in a detrimental effect on breathing.
Secondly it may be used as an attempt to assist in, or prevent some respiratory issues. An example is the condition known as a "displaced palate" where the palate, a part of the upper airway, displaces sideways and restricts the amount of air which can be taken in, with an obvious impact on performance. By securing the tongue it assists in keeping everything where it should be.

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