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Montana Silver Desert Moon Turquoise Cactus Buckle


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There is something hauntingly lovely about a desert landscape. This buckle seeks to capture all those glorious details into miniaturized form with a large antiqued rose gold Saguaro cactus on the left set to the front of matching color sharply defined desert mountains. A strikingly of bright silver finished stars float their way across the top of the buckle against a deeply black hand-painted background. A round compressed copper turquoise cabochon, like a blue moon, sits off to the right side of the buckle amidst the stars. Farther down the buckle antiqued silver desertscape details of small cacti and agave plants are engraved in exquisite detail. One long antiqued rose gold single scroll starts curling up from the bottom right corner, winding its way across the face of the buckle and trails off in a tendril, just past the Saguaro cactus. A bright silver finished thick edge with bright-cut engraving finishes off the design.
  • Standard 1 1/2" inch belt swivel
  • Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 2 1/2"
  • 99.9% fine silver, 18 karat rose gold over a brass base
  • Montana Armor protective finish to prevent tarnish
  • Compressed turquoise with copper stone

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